We believe in the importance of progress through learning, developing, and improving ourselves and our ecosystem in every step of the journey towards sustainability. We believe it is crucial to conduct business with sustainability at the forefront of our minds, while staying true to our responsibilities to our customers, colleagues, and society.

Sustainability is a core tenet of our company, whose activities in the industry dates back to 1945. With the awareness of our position as a pioneer and role model in the sector, we promise to always assume responsibility, develop and contribute towards solutions, do so by including all of our stakeholders, and be mindful of our ecosystem on the path to helping our ever changing world and the future that we all depend on.

We strive to continue shaping and leading the sector that we have been operating in for 75 years, in the sustainability efforts of the industry. To achieve this objective, we know we need to establish partnerships for the goals. We are committing to this endeavor. because change is only possible if we strive consistently and do so while working together...

In 2015 the General Assembly of the United Nations identified the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), consisting of 17 Goals and 169 sub goals, which identified the mark that the world should be aiming to reach by 2030 in many areas from sustainable cities to innovation, from anti-poverty to climate change, and more. The commitment and action plan our company has established in line with UN’s SDG is as follows:


We are making our stakeholders and our ecosystem parts of our journey towards a more sustainable future.


We aim to increase awareness for sustainability in myriad avenues through our employee-led entity called the Green Committee.


We believe in the power of innovation.


We value transparency, being ethical, and assuming responsibility.


We care about the environment.

Our Commitment For a More Sustainable Future