Free Trade Zone<br>Operations

Free Trade Zone

We Provide Effective Customs Service

We determine the requirements of the operations you will carry out in the free zones for you, we manage the necessary license acquisition processes on your behalf and then follow up. We provide effective service in your intra-regional customs operations.

Free Trade Zone Operations

Free Zones, which are located within the political borders of the country in which they are located however, they are considered outside the customs borders in terms of foreign trade, tax and customs code.

They provide:

  • Tax advantages to domestic companies,
  • Enable international competition to increase,
  • Increase foreign trade,
  • Encourage the development of export-oriented industries.

Free Trade Zones in Turkey. Easy Access to International Trade Routes.

Currently, there are 20 FTAs in Turkey and 19 of them are in operation. Located close to major Turkish ports in the Marmara, Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas, these Free Zones provide easy access to EU and Middle Eastern markets and important international trade routes.

High Performance with the Right Team – Our Team is Yours
Since your import operations are multi-staged, it is our priority of our team members to work at full capacity in line with their expertise in order to complete your transactions completely and smoothly. With the awareness of the authority and responsibility given to us, we manage your processes as if they were our own.

Mobile Customs

You can keep track of your operation processes and get instant notifications using mobile customs app.

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