Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

Vocational Experience in Trade is Important.

Knowledge and experience are two of the most important things in every step of trading. Whatever and whenever your customs clearance procedures are, your import & export operations are safe with us. At the point where the latest technology meets with experience.

We Take Responsibility.

As your reliable business partner, we don’t run from taking responsibility when it comes to your business. Because of our wide client portfolio, we understand your job and the industry that you’re in, and we make good analysis. We embrace all your customs processes as our own.

We Do Forward-Looking Risk Analysis, We Reduce Your Cost.

We do not only carry out customs clearance procedures, but also analyze the potential risks of customs clearance processes, which are an integral part of your supply chain, from the very beginning.

Customs Clearance

We know that international trade can be quite complicated. We make this process easier for you by undertsanding your company and it’s needs very well. We move forward with you.

Good Location, Fast and Efficient Service

Our head office located in Perpa Trade Center; We serve all of Turkey through our customs offices in AHL, IHL, Ambarlı, Muratbey, Erenköy, Sabiha Gökçen, Haydarpaşa and Gebze-Derince, our branch in Bursa and our partner companies in various cities. We offer you fast and effective service with our wide service network.

Easily Track All Legislative Changes.

Legislation is constantly changing. It is very important to follow the changing laws and regulations and to interpret them correctly. We make this process easier for you and bring the most up-to-date and most accurate information to your fingertips, along with subject summaries.

You can sign up for our circular system to be informed about important legislative developments according to the sectors as quickly as possible and to access the summaries we have prepared without getting lost in difficult to understand texts.

Mobile Customs

You can keep track of your operation processes and get instant notifications using mobile customs app.

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