Our History

Our History

Our History

Over 77 years of expertise, knowledge and experience.


During the first years of The Republic, Hacı Nazif Çelebi, appoints Sait Obdan as the head of customs brokerage activities.


The market faces a turmoil after 1942 and affected by this, Hacı Nazif Çelebi leaves the market. Leaving his office to Sait Obdan.


Obdan Customs Brokerage gets established in 1945.


One of Sait Obdan’s brothers, İhsan Obdan, adapts to the profession fast and in 1948, just when he is 18, he earns the right to have a customs broker license.

A commission invoice bought from an auction house which was prepared by Mr. İhsan OBDAN and made out to a tradesman at Perşembe Pazarı.


Upon completing his academic education, in 1977, İhsan Obdan’s oldest son İ. Arif Obdan earns his customs broker license and starts practicing the profession that he had been in part-time since his childhood.


Following their academic educations, the other two brothers, O. Akil Obdan and later on A. Arkın Obdan, joins the company as customs brokers.


In 2000, Obdan Customs Brokerage and Sistem Customs Brokerage merges.


An Integral part of customs operations, Obdan Sistem Type A bonded warehouse is established at Kartal in 2000.


In 2013, in line with the growth strategy, the Tuzla Logistics Facility commences its operations. The Facility has 11.000 M2 indoor space and 15.000 pallet storage capacity as well as a handling area and cold storage rooms.


In 2014, Obdan Sistem gets its first ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certificates.


In 2021, Obdan Sistem General Manager A. Arkın Obdan gets awarded with World Customs Organisation’s Certificate of Merit by The Ministry of Trade, for his work at The Facilitation of Trade Committee.