Ethics For a Good Management and Sustainable Business Relationships.

We know that being reputable, dependable, and trustworthy in business life and especially in our industry is rooted in ethical principles. For this reason, we apply our “Being Etchical” value within our company and we expect it from each party that we are in a professional relationship with.

As The Obdan Sistem Family, we conduct our business by adhering to the ethical rules and principles which guide the behaviours about what is right and what is wrong, and which include principles such as honesty, equality and impartiality.

As one of the core foundations of our company culture and values, the concept of “Being Ethical” for us means:

  • Knowing what is right and what is wrong and if we don’t know it, to make an effort to learn while sincerely question even our rightness at every opportunity.
  • To work in accordance with all laws, regulations, professionalism standards and the moral codes required by our profession and business life and without compromising.
  • Not to take part in practices that we consider unethical and not to accept the tangible or intangible gains we have or will gain in this way.

Based on The Principle of “Ethics is Good for Business”

Although ethics are mainly rooted in mutual trust rather than in writing, we’ve put ours in writing and prepared the “Obdan Sistem Code of Business Ethics”

The purpose of these principles is to show our employees, customers, suppliers and all other related parties that Obdan Sistem will conduct its operations and all communications in line with these principles whatever the matter is.