Online Solutions

Online Solutions

Online Solutions

We do not believe in limits when it comes to innovation.

In the globalizing world, geographical borders no longer matter. The most important reason for this is the rapid development in mass media. With the widespread use of the Internet, providing up-to-date news and information is carried out independently of time and place. In line with our vision of making the service standards that we have reached, the industry standard, we strive to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction in information systems, taking into account the optimal speed, quality and cost balance, the concepts of ERP and CRM are integrated with all functions within our enterprise, and the planning of business processes is done more effectively.

With our integrated information systems, we manage all the functions of our business with an integrated approach. Thanks to our Information Technologies solutions, we provide fast and accurate data flow between our units, and we share this flow with you simultaneously. In this context, from the first movement of your declarations to the last, you can be informed of all the processes at any given time, you can access document management, archive, and even use the accounting integration that we provide. We make data flows possible for you.

Apart from all these processes, we believe in the power of correct communication, a "personalized approach" and "collaboration".

With the awareness that the needs of each of our customers are very different, we believe in the necessity of analyzing your sectoral challenges, the scope of service you need, and the means by which communication will be provided. We do not believe in limits when it comes to innovation. With this awareness, we produce our software projects, which we have been carrying out for many years in our software house within our company, and we even offer alternative solutions in software as a result of our analysis. We design the process for you.

As part of all these work that we’re doing, we transfer the data we receive from you to our software projects, and we know how critical it is to protect this data for you. In parallel with the service standard we offer; We preserve your data as if it were our own, and we take all technical and legal measures to do so.

We offer our tailor-made solutions to you, in line with the ISO 27001: 2015 Information Security Management System and our compliance process with the Personal Data Protection Law. We are constantly trying to perfect your service and communication processes.

Mobile Customs

You can keep track of your operation processes and get instant notifications using mobile customs app.

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