AEO Training &<br>Consultancy

AEO Training &

AEO Training & Consultancy

In today's foreign trade transactions, time, document movements and stock costs are very important. Prove that you are a reliable company in customs administrations by getting your YYS document.

With the Status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) customs procedures:

- can result faster

- transactions can be completed with less paperwork

- by having less stock, the stock cost can be minimized.

Who can have an AEO Status Certificate?

  1. Established in the Customs Territory of Turkey and operating for 3 years,
  2. Fulfills customs obligations,
  3. Has regular and traceable records,
  4. Has financial capability,
  5. Has safety and security standards,
  6. Capable of self-control
  7. It is an international status that grants certain conveniences and privileges to trusted persons for customs procedures.

Our YYS Consulting Services:

  •  Raising awareness
  •  Compliance check – Feasibility Study
  •  Preparation of questionnaire
  •  Review of documents
  •  Application (Application – Follow-up)
  •  Onsite inspection accompanying
  •  Post-certification consulting / auditing
  •  Preparation of annual activity report after certificate acquisition