About Us

About Us

About Us

Ever since our inception in 1945 we have been serving our clients, domestic and abroad, by helping them navigate the world of customs, warehousing and logistics. In our 8th decade of operations, we are a fourth generation family company that has consistently grown in size, services offered, volume, and market share.

It is our company's core policy to be in a service understanding that produces efficient and rational solutions in line with the developing economic needs of the business world, within the framework of laws, regulations and other legislation formed in parallel with the customs policies of our country, and to carry out work that encourage future generations to the profession and the sector.

In business for more than 75 years in the industry, we have a mint disciplinary record, which is a rarity at the Turkish Customs Directorate. Our diligent work and attention to detail for almost 8 decades have allowed us to maintain this clean record and provide continuous and ever-reliable service in the industry.

200 Total Employees
56 Employees on The Field
95 Office Employees
49 Logistics Centre Employees

10 Customs Brokers with A Class Licence
35 Customs Brokers with Licence

Our Mission

To sustainably offer integrated solutions that provide the flow of goods and services in a manner that ensures the highest client and employee satisfaction while maintaining the optimal balance across speed, quality, and cost sustainably within Turkey.

Our Vision

To establish the service standards we have reached ourselves as sector standards.

Our Values

Çözüm Odaklılık
Solution Oriented
Etik Olmak
Being Ethical
Müşteri Odaklılık
Customer Oriented
Takım Çalışması

  • Understanding the customer’s needs and complaints correctly.
  • Customer satisfaction is above everything else.
  • Customer satisfaction is beyond customer’s momentary satisfaction. It is to make sure the solutions and servcies provided are understood by the customer.
  • It is to explain to our customer that the solution created is the best solution under the given circumstances.
  • Not to hold our employees and customers separate.
  • To maintain communication in line with the “win-win” principle on solutions.

  • Knowing what is right and what is wrong and if we don’t know it, to make an effort to learn while sincerely question even our rightness at every opportunity.
  • To work in accordance with all laws, regulations, professionalism standards and the moral codes required by our profession and business life and without compromising.
  • Not to take part in practices that we consider unethical and not to accept the tangible or intangible gains we have or will gain in this way.

  • It is to act cautiously, meticulously and measuredly. 
  • Respecting and valuing the rights of others as much as our own and not changing our respectful behaviour under any circumstances.
  • Not changing the level of our respect according to people, ideas, work, environment, time etc.

  • Reaching our short-term and/or long-term goals even when faced with obstacles.  
  • Putting forward the ability to work towards positive outcomes.
  • Estimating the obstacles that may arise, making a plan to achieve the job and not acting in a way that might get in the way of reaching a solution.

  • Constantly developing and improving by valuing knowledge, expertise, experience, and talent. 
  • Rising the level of knowledge, talent and expertise of both our company and our employees while sparing no expense and effort to achieve these goals.
  • Encouraging, inspiring everyone to ensure development and not resisting change.

  • It is striving to fulfill one’s duties in a timely manner and in a way that is required.  
  • Accepting the consequences of one’s own actions and fulfilling the requirements.
  • To do one’s best in order to not lose one’s self-confidence. Being honest and sincere.

  • In addition to focusing on one's own role and responsibilities, it is also being aware of the roles and responsibilities of other teammates. 
  • Working collaboratively with other people (inside and/or outside the organization) in order to achieve common goals together, from a broad organizational perspective.
  • To cooperate and contribute willingly, to be open and willing to consider the ideas and perspectives of other people with whom he/she works, and share the necessary information with the team members in a timely manner without being asked.