Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

Our main corporate policy is to engage in business within the framework of the Turkish customs regulations and legislations, staying in line with the economic needs of the business world, producing efficient and rational solutions, and doing work that encourages the future generations into becoming a part of the sector.

We ensure the continuity of our company and the sustainability of our services by abiding by the rules and regulations. The data of our clients, employees, shareholders, solution partners, and all of our stakeholders are all very important to us. Our data security is continually inspected with respect to the ISO 27001/2013 Information Security Management System. We allocate the necessary resources to ensure the minimization of security risks so that the quality of our service sustainably remains high.

Knowing that our employees’ happiness is one of the foremost predictors of client satisfaction, we consider our employees our most important assets. Starting with continued personnel education and training we continually strive to keep all of our internal customers’ competencies and proficiencies at the forefront of the industry standards.

We regularly improve our quality assurance and information security systems.

Quality Goals

Constant improvements to our technological infrastructure.

Becoming the preferred destination in the industry.

Ever improving service times.

Advancing our personnel’s academic and educational formation.

Maintaining perpetual training for our clients and employees.

Information Security Goals

Ensuring the continuity of Obdan Sistem’s operational and support processes with the least amount of interruptions.

Guiding the personnel towards maintaining information security at all times.

Minimizing risk through established and mindfully adhered to protocols.

Improving job-related awareness and actively turning the occasional information security related issues into case studies to learn from.

Generating, storing, and accessing information exactly the way prescribed by law.

Organizational Structure