Our Quality Policy

Our company’s main policy is to perform activities that encourage next generations
to join this profession and sector, to have a service concept that creates the most
efficient and rational solutions in line with the growing needs of the business world
pursuant to Law, regulations and various legislations enforced in parallel with the
customs policy in our country.

We guarantee our sustainability by observing all relevant law and regulations. The information belonging to our customers, employees, shareholders, solution partners and all our stakeholders is valuable to us. Our data safety is continuously audited in accordance with Information Safety Management System ISO 27001/2013. We allocate necessary sources to minimize safety risks for the sustainability of our service quality.

As our employees’ satisfaction has a direct effect on our customers’ satisfaction, we see our employees as our main asset. We keep our employees’ competencies in the highest level to ensure that they always satisfy all requirements.

We continuously improve our quality and information security management systems.